The history of Assens Tobaksfabrik

Quality for 5 generations

Georg og alex tobaksplante

Assens Tobaksfabrik (now through the subsidiary AG SNUS) has, since its establishment in 1864, been dedicated to providing consumers with tobacco products of the highest quality. We strive to satisfy our consumers by being innovative in the development of new and attractive products. For as long as Assens Tobaksfabrik has existed, the family has focused on following the changes in consumer demands. Assens Tobaksfabrik has been managed and owned by the same family for 5 generations, this means that we have been able to have a long-term vision for the company’s development and adapt to changes in the demand for different tobacco products over the years.

The next generation

Assens TobaksfabrikIn 2009, Alex Gundersen took over the management of Assens Tobaksfabrik, becoming the 5th generation of the Gundersen family to do so. Alex Gundersen, in close collaboration with his father Georg Gundersen, will be responsible for making the AG SNUS vision a reality. One of Alex Gundersen’s first initiatives has been to develop new snus brands under the AG SNUS name, which will initially be introduced on the Swedish market in Winter 2011.

Smokeless tobacco from the beginning

KontorDue to public demand, Assens Tobaksfabrik began selling coarse cut tobacco for long porcelain pipes in 1864 and smokeless tobacco products such as snus and spun chewing tobacco. Cigar manufacture was introduced later on as part of the tobacco range sold by Assens Tobaksfabrik. In 1939 cigar manufacture was discontinued in favour of smokeless tobacco products and pipe tobacco. In the 1930’s focus changed to fine cut pipe tobacco, as the demand for pipe tobacco for Briar pipes grew. In the 1950’s, the tobacco product range was expanded with flake and cut plug pipe tobacco. The spun chewing tobacco product group was divested in the 1970’s in order to focus on pipe tobacco.

Successful debut on the Swedish snus market

In 1990, Assens Tobaksfabrik merged with Scandinavian Tobacco Company’s smoking tobacco division to form Orlik Tobacco Company, which in the 2000’s became the world’s largest pipe tobacco manufacturer, but snus was still part of the product portfolio. In 2004, Orlik Tobacco Company and Scandinavian Tobacco Company entered the Swedish snus market together and established Fiedler & Lundgren. The new venture was successful and acquired a considerable market share within a 4 year period. In 2008, Scandinavian Tobacco Company sold its cigarettes and snus (F&L) to BAT, which led to the sale of Assens Tobaksfabrik’s owner shares in Orlik Tobacco Company to Scandinavian Tobacco Company.

Going into snus again

In 2008, Assens Tobaksfabrik decided to re-establish the manufacturing of snus, as we believed that there was a substantial market potential for this product category. A new factory for the manufacturing of snus was built during the second half of 2009. Installation of state of the art machinery for the production of snus began in late 2009. Production was up and running by the summer of 2010. With the establishment of AG SNUS, we are ready to provide consumers with new snus products.

Extensive experience within smokeless products

As a family owned company, Assens Tobaksfabrik will be able to provide snus products with added value for consumers. Assens Tobaksfabrik has gained much experience and know-how through manufacturing all types of tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco products have played an important role in the development of the business throughout Assens Tobaksfabrik’s history. It was therefore not unknown technology Assens Tobaksfabrik needed to acquaint itself with in order to set up snus production.

The 5th generation joins the company

In-depth knowledge has been gained through 5 generation’s dedicated efforts to achiev excellence within the different disciplines associated with the production of tobacco products. In addition, Assens Tobaksfabrik has always prioritised highly skilled personnel in the key areas of the business. Alex Gundersen, who represents the 5th generation of the family, joined Assens Tobaksfabrik in 2009 in order to move the company forward by building a strong platform within the snus tobacco market segment, snus.