We have been manufacturing
“The Tobacco Products of Tomorrow” since 1864

About AG Snus

AG SNUS is solely a manufacturer of snus and other smokeless tobacco products. We have a wide range of brands in our product portfolio and exports to a wide number of countries with a growing production volume.

AG SNUS is a subsidiary of Assens Tobaksfabrik and builds upon more than 150 years of experience producing snus and other tobacco products.

Assens Tobaksfabrik has been managed and owned by the same family for 5 generations, this means that we have been able to have a long-term vision for the company’s development and adapt to changes in the demand for different tobacco products over the years.

The factory of AG Snus

Our Vision

AG SNUS will contribute to the development of the global smokeless tobacco market by combining innovation with the traditions of Assens Tobaksfabrik.

Our Values


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For importers and retailers of tobacco products please contact us:
Drejervaenget 1
DK-5610 Assens
Tel: +45 64 751105